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List Of Services

Most cleaning companies offer both Standard and Deep Cleaning Packages, Our Standard Cleaning Package is our Deep Cleaning package.  We feel that a clean home is not a clean home unless it is deep cleaned everytime.


Cleaning Package Includes:


  1. Clean & Sanitize Sinks

  2. Wipe Down Counter-tops & Cabinets

  3. Clean Appliance Exteriors

  4. Clean inside Microwave

  5. Vacuum & Mop Floors

  6. Polish Stainless Steel/Chrome


Bathrooms - 

  1. Clean & Disinfect Toilets, Tubs & Showers

  2. Clean Sinks & Counters

  3. Clean Mirrors

  4. Sweep & Mop Floors

  5. Polish Fixtures


  All Rooms of the House - 

  1. Remove Cobwens

  2. Clean Light Switches

  3. Dust/Clean Furniture

  4. Clean TV Screens

  5. Changing Linens (if left out) and Make Beds

  6. Cacuum Carpeting/Sweep & Mops Floors

  7. Empty Trash Cans and Replace Liners (If left out)

  8. Dust Window Ledges

  9. Pick up and Straighten

  10. Dust Blinds

  11. Dust Ceiling Fans

  12. Dust Baseboards




  • Cleaning Interior/Exterior Windows (Single Story Exterior Only)

  • Inside Oven

  • Inside Fridge

  • Inside Cabinets

  • Removing and Cleaning Behind Kitchen or Other Appliances

  • Garage Cleaning

  • Moving and Cleaning Behind Furniture

  • Extra Dirty Areas

  • Don't see the Service you would like completed listed, just ask!

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